Monday, November 12, 2007

About ME

Favorite color: I am currently in love with the color blue.
Favorite Animal: I loved my Dog Murphy, but I have formed an attachment to Banner's cats.
Favorite Vegetable: Broccoli
Favorite clothes: My pajama pants, or work out clothes. They are comfy.
Favorite Country Singer: Keith Urban
Favorite Pop Singer: Well, not technically pop, but John Mayer is my fav.
Favorite Food: Pretty much anything my Aunt Liz makes.
Favorite Movie: I can't name just one so I will list some: Pride and Prejudice, Star Wars, Back to the Future, Sabrina, Jane Eyre, and LOTR.
Favorite Beach: somewhere in Honduras, I haven't seen it yet.
Favorite Drink: Crystal Light Peach Tea.

Current Mood: Tired
Current Taste: Buttermilk Brownies, or a Cafe Rio Salad
Current clothes: An American Eagle T-shirt, and pj pants.
Current Desktop: A Stetson Ad with Tom Brady
Currently Hearing: Michael Buble-Everything
Currently Smelling: Coconut Lime Verbena
Current Thoughts: I am envisioning scenes from "The Office"

First Best Friend: Alisha Maclee, we were next door neighbors, she moved while we were in 1st grade.
First Kiss: I consider myself lucky to say, I have never experienced this, still waiting.
First Screen Name: I can't recall, but it might have been Nsync lover or something sappy like that.
First Pet: Murphy
First Piercing: My ears when I was six.
First Crush: Colby Childs, kindergarten.
First CD: Nsync, but my first tape was Seal, and then Mariah Carey.
First Car: 1992 Buick Skylark, BUCK.

Last Drink: Water
Last Car Ride: I drove to the Post office.
Last television show watched: Clips of "The Office"
Last Phone call: Sara
Last CD played: Josh Groban, NOEL

Have you ever dated on of your bestfriends? Nope
Have you ever broken the law? Undisclosed
Have you ever been on TV? Yes, My institute class was on channel 4 when one the original Books of Mormon was stolen from the U.

Things you have done today: Went to work, helped my dad with his project, and make dinner.
Things you can't live without: My family, the gospel, books, shopping, my stamps, etc...
Things you get when you're bored: I search for random movies on You Tube, as you can see on this blog.
Things you want to do before you die: That is a whole list on its own, which I started with my family when we saw a visa card ad.

People you call tell anything to: My Mom, Liz, Sara and Morgan.

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sara said...

You changed your blog. can you really tell me anything. I hope that you always feel that way.