Saturday, May 12, 2007

Crazy time

I have had a busy week. We have been roofing our house, and that has been an adventure. Miranda and I have been bust at work, staining decks, spraying weeds etc... I planted a whole bunch of flowers in our yard, my colors were pink orange and yellow. I think they turned out really pretty. My friend Nicole moved home and we had a good get together last night. Also, our friend from high school, Donald, got home from his mission. I have been helping my mom take care of kids this weekend. Greg came over to help with the roof and brought all of his kids and 3 of his nephews and nieces. Chaos.
Wow! I am also prepping for tomorrow, Mother's Day. I am in charge of everything. I also have been keeping tabs on the Jazz, last night was so sad. Expected, but sad. I am flying our Jazz flag high in the front yard.
Sara has great news on her house, two offers, wonderful. Les moved out, and into an apartment. Boy everyone is having a crazy week.

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