Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I had the great oppurtunity today to work with cows. We branded 186 calves with the castle valley brand. I was in charge of herding cows into sections and keeping them in the shoot. So basically I was the cow wrestler. I some really sore spots on my legs and arms. I had no idea that they could kick so hard. Also, did you know that when cows get nervous they get the scours. Some had them already, what joy for the cow pusher. I came home smelling of manure, burned hair and flesh. Tennyson and Banner were repulsed by me. I took a shower but the smell is still lingering. Great! This is not the last time I will be branding, we have to do I think 6 more herds of 200. Maybe at the Baker Andrew will get in on some of the fun. I hear he enjoys the wild west. I am going to post some pictures, they will go in my "week in review column."

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