Saturday, May 12, 2007

Crazy time

I have had a busy week. We have been roofing our house, and that has been an adventure. Miranda and I have been bust at work, staining decks, spraying weeds etc... I planted a whole bunch of flowers in our yard, my colors were pink orange and yellow. I think they turned out really pretty. My friend Nicole moved home and we had a good get together last night. Also, our friend from high school, Donald, got home from his mission. I have been helping my mom take care of kids this weekend. Greg came over to help with the roof and brought all of his kids and 3 of his nephews and nieces. Chaos.
Wow! I am also prepping for tomorrow, Mother's Day. I am in charge of everything. I also have been keeping tabs on the Jazz, last night was so sad. Expected, but sad. I am flying our Jazz flag high in the front yard.
Sara has great news on her house, two offers, wonderful. Les moved out, and into an apartment. Boy everyone is having a crazy week.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Week in Review

Tennyson had a track meet. She took first in the 100 and 200 meter races. A truck caught on fire in front of our house. Someone threw something in the back of his truck and by the time he got to our house the whole back of his truck was on fire, he was pulling over when the back window shattered. Our dog Sadie had eight puppies this week, one being a runt. Banner asked if we had to kill it like in Charlottes Web. We will also be adding 3 calves to our farm. I saw them today at work, they have no mothers. Great week.


I had the great oppurtunity today to work with cows. We branded 186 calves with the castle valley brand. I was in charge of herding cows into sections and keeping them in the shoot. So basically I was the cow wrestler. I some really sore spots on my legs and arms. I had no idea that they could kick so hard. Also, did you know that when cows get nervous they get the scours. Some had them already, what joy for the cow pusher. I came home smelling of manure, burned hair and flesh. Tennyson and Banner were repulsed by me. I took a shower but the smell is still lingering. Great! This is not the last time I will be branding, we have to do I think 6 more herds of 200. Maybe at the Baker Andrew will get in on some of the fun. I hear he enjoys the wild west. I am going to post some pictures, they will go in my "week in review column."

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


These flowers are beautiful. I think everyone will enjoy seeing them.


Happy May Day. The first day of May, always an exciting time. Flowers are blooming and summer vacation is in sight.